Jay Voigt

Jay helps organizations develop healthy and vibrant employees and teams through organizational mental health program design, implementation of human capital management best practices and leader coaching. He brings a balance of senior leadership experience in health care and an extensive background in counseling to support organizations in how they approach workforce related issues. Well acquainted with the “no margin, no mission” ideology he graduated from Colorado University’s Executive MBA program in 2019. He earned a clinical degree in counseling from the Pennsylvania State University in 2005. Jay has worked in senior leadership roles in large health care systems and as a manager in public behavioral health. As Human Capital’s principle consultant he is committed to helping businesses develop and implement realistic and effective solutions to workforce related challenges


Jon Elliott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University. His passion lies at the intersection of pedagogical research and construction workforce development. Jon brings field experience as a home builder and project manager for a renowned commercial construction company, as well as experience as a university teacher and researcher, to Human Capital. His professional education includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Construction management, as well as a PhD in Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University. Jon has received numerous federal grants (i.e., United States Department of Labor Education and Training Administration (ETA), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), etc.). These grants focused on the development of construction-specific training programs, curricula, and educational assessment tools. He has published numerous peer-reviewed journals and conference papers on construction workforce development pedagogy as well as attracting a diverse group of individuals to the construction industry. Whether training high-school students, teachers, or skilled trades people in the integration of construction technology or working with CEOs to recruit and retain the next generation of construction professionals, Jon is committed to developing solutions related to workforce challenges in the construction industry.


Mike enjoys watching innovative programs get started and generate high quality and efficient systems to those in need of behavioral healthcare services. He has owned and managed two clinically recognized outpatient counseling facilities since 1993. Those businesses have been successful in helping those in need as well as increasing their services and significantly increasing their financial statuses. He is attuned to not only the clinical needs of patients but realizes the significance of putting both support and clinical staffs first. Working with important facility management issues, he is cognizant of the ins and outs of developing, operating and managing an ethically and financially successful organization. Mike’s clinical background is in psychotherapies, working with general mental health, addictions, traumas in 1st responders, military and assault victims. He is an adjunct instructor with university graduate counseling programs and a clinical supervisor. He is a recognized presenter at behavioral healthcare conferences.