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TLDR; Brief Findings on EAP Research

As mental health awareness month draws to a close I wanted to share some brief EAP insights taken from an article posted in The Journalist’s Resource last week. I urge organizational leaders to continue organizational efforts and dialogue around addressing mental health in the workplace.

  1. EAP’s need to evolve to include on-demand tele-therapy and executives need to promote workplace culture that supports mental health. International Review of Psychiatry
  2. Aggressive, proactive, organizational specific tailored support led by executives are “well -suited” for a crisis response in organizations.               Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health
  3. Health care workers  are reluctant to show vulnerability and new hires/ newly remote employees need education/encouragement to use EAP’s  Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health
  4. Presenteeism and absenteeism by federal employees were shown to be reduced by using federal EAP services International Journal of Health and Productivity
  5. Presenteeism and absenteeism rates were reduced by 50%, Significant issues with life satisfaction were also reduced by apromatly 50% by employees who used an EAP.    Journal of Health & Productivity

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The full article can be read here.

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