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Forbes Top 10 Employers

If you are like the majority of organizations in 2022, you are experiencing “workforce challenges”. I find value in looking at the practices of successful people and organizations, particularly when it comes to workforce culture and people practices. I spent some time this past week looking at the “2022 Forbes Best Large Employers” and noticed some interesting trends I thought were worthwhile to share.

  1. The largest sector represented on the top 10 list was Healthcare. This sector was hit hard by the pandemic with 18% of the workforce quitting due to burn out and 12% getting laid off since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite the challenges this sector faces 50% of the top 10 were in healthcare. Perhaps we can take a lesson from the  healthcare organizations on the list.
  2. Of the top 5 organizations, all of them were teaching hospitals or academic medical centers. What is it about these organizations that allows for them to be so well regarded by their employees? Of the many differences between teaching hospitals and traditional hospitals, what is relevant to culture?
  3. Looking at the websites of each of the top 10 organizations I noticed it was difficult to quickly find out information about the organization as the sites were consumer centric. The tone of each site was “how can we help /serve you” vs “look how great we are”. There is a clear sense of purpose in each of these organizations.

If you look at these companies’ websites and their ratings on job search sites, other items stand out that are noteworthy. There is an employee appetite for and appreciation of company gatherings and activities outside of work hours such as picnics, parties and recreational activities. Not only are these organizations unified in purpose they do more than just work together, they play together as well. I will be keeping an eye on these organizations this year. 

In the recent ADP Research Institute report  “Measuring the “I” in DE&I”, the authors found that a connected employee is 75 times more likely to be fully engaged at work compared to employees who are not connected. This sentiment is reflected in the famous Peter Drucker Quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

At Human Capital, we agree. The services offered in health care, particularly behavioral health and construction are delivered by people. We exist to help organizations build human capital. Growing capital is a slow and intentional effort but tremendously rewarding!

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