How Can Chat GBT Support Your People Policies?

Chat GBT is a great tool that I encourage everyone to check out. For small to mid-sized companies in particular, chat GBT provides some quick, mostly accurate information to inform decision making. As it relates to people practices (not just HR but organizational strategy, operational design, project implementation) Chat GBT can yield some actionable intel in a short period of time. Yes, there are quality issues to consider but overall, it provides datapoints and input that are worth considering.

Take for example a solid article I came across this morning entitled “The Impact of Organizational Structure on Employee Wellbeing” by “Corporate Wellness Magazine”.  I’ll bet $20 it was authored by Chat GBT. It is a great article and you should read it! I have used Chat GBT for blog posts, RPF submissions, conference presentation proposals and tips sheets with great success. I need to revise and edit GBT results a fair amount but the structure and framework that GBT results yield are worthwhile.

I have worked with organizations in the past that are invested in improving the way they manage their Human Capital (HC). HC is a fancy way of organizational leaders saying “let’s improve our HR functions but as leaders let’s own our culture and prioritize considering the impact our decision making has on the workforce. No more farming out our people problems to HR, when our employees win, everyone wins”. Many of these organizations don’t have a full-time legal department or HR business partners that are easily accessible. By using Chat GBT leaders can get some data points to help them in the absence of dedicated experts.

It may be tempting to allow Chat GBT to write things for you and cut and paste the results and “outputs”. That will work some of the time, but I predict that this will not be tolerated in the future as we all become familiar with Chat GBT. Use it as a resource but you still need to show up, engage with people and seek out expert opinions.  You may be able to show up less for content development so be judicious with your GBT use.

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