Human Capital Assessment

“We gained clarity, confidence and new understanding of how to approach and scale our human capital strategy. We highly recommend Jay and his team for companies in any industry”

Parker Smith – CEO


Take an objective look

Human capital refers to the measure of value an employee brings to the workplace including skills, abilities, expertise, judgment and other personal attributes that impact business. Assessing human capital puts organizations in a position to most effectively execute strategy. Once positioned, a business can systematically adopt human capital management practices.

Identify gaps and enhance competencies
Hire the right people for the right role
Reduce costs and increase ROI
Improve workplace culture

Organizational Human Capital Assessment Process

Organizations and people are complicated. Your workforce is your most dynamic and complex asset. Our organizational human capital assessment will help you analyze, evaluate and simplify the way you manage and respond to your workforce via:

  1. Data Collection –> Gathering subjective and objective data through varied methods agreed upon by our consultants and your organization. This includes but is not limited to: in-person individual and group interviews, electronic surveys, analysis of organizational “HR” data, review of policy, training evaluation, culture and people management practices.
  2. Reporting and Benchmarking–>Data we collect will be integrated into a detailed organizational human capital report and benchmarked against national and state data (when available). This report will allow for organizational leaders to understand organizational human capital management practices across teams and departments.
  3. Strategic People Practice Recommendations–>Recommendations are outlined and prioritized based upon the degree of difficulty and strategic impact each would be likely to have upon the organization.