Executive Leadership

Leaders: Would you work for you?

Before you react with a resounding yes, consider the following:

  1. Leadership is a tangible skill (or set of skills) developed intentionally through practice. How many hours have you spent going out of your way to learn or grow a leadership skill?
  2. How thick is your skin? Are you able to attribute successes to your teams and own the mistakes that may not be yours?
  3. How nice are you to yourself? Are you your own worst enemy? If you are overly critical and lack self empathy toys are likely too self centered to be an effective leader.

Leadership is an action, not a title. But if you’re like most people with leadership titles, you earned it because you were good at your job. The sooner you build new leadership skills the sooner the next promotion will come along. Rinse and repeat. If you are not becoming a leader that is growing in skill each day, step aside. Good leadership is exhausting. Great leadership requires sacrifice.

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