Organizational Change Management

“The consulting team at Human Capital made change in our organization smooth and made it stick!”

Angie – Assisted Living Facility Director


Need help making meaningful change?

Our approach to organizational change management helps organizations implement, manage and sustain internal change. We accomplish this by imparting a strong understanding of the future state of the change and guiding members of the organization to achieve that future state. We accomplish this by:

Identifying the key stakeholders within the organization that need to change their behaviors to meet the needs of that future state; consultants include those people in all phases of planning and execution.
Assessing and assigning risk to the gaps in awareness, desire, knowledge, and ability of the people needing to change their behaviors.
Developing strategies and tactics to help people adopt future state behavior with the least amount of resistance possible and build tools to sustain the desired behaviors over time.
Partnering with organizational leaders to help them learn about our process, tools and techniques so they can manage change on their own in the future. By empowering leadership teams we help them thrive

Goals of Change Management

Our holistic, people-centric foundation is the cornerstone of your future endeavors. It fosters collaboration, demolishes organizational silos, and equips your business with the essential processes and tools crucial for success.

With our adept change management services, we empower you to establish this strategic groundwork and navigate even the most intricate people transformations at the enterprise, program, and project levels. We pride ourselves on being strategic, innovative, and adaptable partners. Together, we don’t just conceptualize change; we expertly execute it, ensuring enduring transformation that reshapes your organization for the long term.

  • Foster alignment with leadership vision and develop effective change strategies.
  • Establish enduring change networks across the organization.
  • Promote ongoing, bidirectional communication and active engagement.
  • Embed learning as a continual process rather than a singular occurrence.
  • Assess readiness and monitor adoption across the entire initiative’s duration.

When to Hire a Change Management Consultant

If your team or organization lacks the necessary skills, expertise, or capacity to develop and implement an effective adoption strategy, it’s prudent to enlist the services of an organizational change management consultant. Many teams recognize the need for OCM only after encountering issues such as resistance to desired behaviors, knowledge or skill gaps, customer complaints, and other challenges. Strategic change management guarantees that your organization achieves optimal adoption, minimal resistance, and maximum return on investment.