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The Difference Between Employee Satisfaction & Engagement.

I recently facilitated a speaker panel at the annual conference of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers on value-based care. One of the audience members approached me after the speaker panel and began delineating the difference between employee satisfaction and engagement. He was spot on and that prompted me to share an article published this week by the website Entrepreneur. The article is pretty accurate for the most part. It talks about some critical leadership skills that support employee engagement.

When I work with organizations on workforce issues, employee turnover is inevitably part of the conversation. Employee turnover should be monitored careful as a “lagging indicator” of employee engagement. A more relevant “leading indicator” to monitor is employee engagement. Measuring employee satisfaction is like asking a 5year old to evaluate the first bite of cake they are while withholding the rest. Humans have short memories; difficulty delaying gratification and need to be connected at work rather than pleased in the workplace.

I help organizations measure employee engagement. Not satisfaction. Employ engagement is a proxy for how employees are connected to their work, teams and workplace. Precursors for employee engagement are professional contentment, career development and job enrichment (Phillip, 2017).

If you or some leader, you know is frustrated by asking the wrong questions in the work place please outreach our team of leaders. End the cycle of ruminating on the impossible and let us help! Sarcasm aside, we can save leadership teams headaches, money and time. Doubt that claim, reach out to me and we can talk about it!

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